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Webinar on 7th February 2024
@ 11:00 AM GST

Advanced Certification in ESG & BRSR 
Propel Your Career to Success

Learn Directly From The Best

What If You Are Not Certified with ESG & BRSR..?

Here's Everything We'll Cover In This Webinar, When You Sign up Today for Free

  • Financial Penalties: 25% of Non-Compliant Companies Faced Penalties of Over ₹10 lakh

  • Reputational Damage: The Average Cost of a Reputational crisis is $7 million.

  • Missed Investments: 82% of Investors Consider ESG Factors, Excluding You From Their Capital Pool.

  • Damaged Reputation: 75% of Consumers Pay More for Brands with Strong ESG Credentials, Leaving You Behind.

  • ESG: Unlock Capital and Attract Investors
    ESG:BRSR Mitigate Risks, Reduce Costs, Boost Profits
    Certification recognized by 40+ countries.
    Who is ideally suited for this role?
    Global Opportunities on Boards - Listed, Unlisted, NFP, Startups
    ESG: Gain a Competitive Edge and Grow Your Market Share.

Why Attend This Workshop...?

  • Become an ESG champion by mastering ESG principles and strategies that make a positive impact on businesses and society.

  • World-Class Certification: Attain a certification recognized in over 40 countries.

  •  Shape the future of business by integrating ESG principles into corporate strategies

  •  Get practical tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

  •  And many more surprise benefits for live attendees.

World MSME Day Award
Ministry of MSME & WASME
Jagran Prakashan Limited
The Economic Times
Leadership award
International Business Pride Awards 2023
Amrit Kaal
global award
Global award certificate
Business award
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Suryanaryana Murthy
Rachit Patel
Manoj Bejawar
Nilesh Jha
Rajshekhar Sakhalkar
Kumaran Govindasamy
Deepak Sehgal
Alfons Madoc
Amalaraj Marian
David Naidu
Chandrasen Chahar
Yogesh Kumar

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