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Zeeshaan Pathan Sheds Light on "Universal Hyper Intelligence" at TEDx

In an era where the global community is grappling with the rapidly evolving influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Zeeshaan Pathan stepped on one of the world's most prestigious platforms, TEDx, on 24th June 2023, to provide insight into a revolutionary concept he termed as "Universal Hyper Intelligence".

Universal Hyper Intelligence

Zeeshaan, an esteemed speaker on the platform, demystified this unique term to explain the potential power and implications of AI when it evolves to its ultimate version. His talk encompassed the various impacts such an evolution could have on human evolution, global economies, corporate entities, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects.

As an authoritative voice in the world of AI and technology, Zeeshaan's unique perspective highlighted the extraordinary prospects of hyper intelligence. He proposed that Universal Hyper Intelligence could not only augment our lives but also profoundly transform the way businesses and societies operate. The concept was well received, sparking engaging discussions and broadening horizons on the vast potentials of AI.

Zeeshaan at Tedx

Zeeshaan expressed his honor and humility at having been invited to TEDx, a global platform known for sharing the world's top ideas, experiences, and knowledge, renowned for its high-level speaker line-up. His enlightening discourse further fortified TEDx's reputation as a premier venue for world-changing ideas.

The TEDx event was graced by the presence of an esteemed group of speakers and organizers. Among the attendees were Shriram Iyer, Anooja Bashir, Rev. Dr. Manisha Anwekar, Ashish Chopra, Vaishali Shadangule, Dixita Patel, Dr. Shibani B., Pritesh Jain, and Shubam. Their collective knowledge and contributions in their respective fields further enriched the knowledge-sharing atmosphere of the event.

Zeeshaan's speech on Universal Hyper Intelligence has set the stage for further discourse on the future of AI. With his innovative ideas, Zeeshaan Pathan continues to contribute to the global understanding of the potential and risks associated with the evolution of artificial intelligence.

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