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DI Placements

Welcome to the Directors' Institute Placement Page, where we provide comprehensive assistance to both organizations and individuals seeking independent directors.

At the Directors' Institute Support Page, we foster connections and facilitate meaningful collaborations between organizations and individuals. Join us today and leverage our support to find the perfect match for your board needs or to discover exciting board opportunities that align with your career goals.

For Organizations

For organizations in search of experienced and skilled independent directors, our support page offers a streamlined process to connect you with top-tier candidates. We understand the importance of finding directors who align with your organization's values, objectives, and industry-specific needs. Through our network and expertise, we help identify qualified candidates who bring valuable perspectives to your board.

For Participants

For participants and candidates seeking board roles, our support page serves as a gateway to connect you with organizations actively looking for independent directors. We provide resources and guidance to enhance your profile, refine your board skills, and increase your visibility within the director community. Our goal is to help you secure board appointments that align with your expertise and aspirations.

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