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About Us

Welcome to Directors' Institute

Directors' Institute, a World Development Corporation initiative, is a premier online platform offering board-level training and networking to foster responsible corporate governance. We specialize in certifying Executive, Non-Executive, and Independent Directors for both listed and unlisted companies, promoting responsible boards and sustainable corporate practices.

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Our mission is to enhance global board effectiveness, focusing on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles. We aim to elevate the global economy by preparing directors and aspiring professionals for board roles, ensuring they contribute positively to corporations and the wider community. 

Vision & Mission

Our Culture & Values

Our values reflect a dedication to building a better tomorrow.  We believe in commiting to sustainable future through transparent practices, ethical decision-making, and proactive engagement with our communities, aiming to set a benchmark in corporate excellence and stewardship for the environment and society. 


Meet Our  Founders - Leadership Team

A Team driven with a purpose to contribute the global economies through Board Advisory, Corporate Governance Framework & Certifying Talents to lead Global Boards. 


Heval Mehta

Managing Director
Directors' Institute | Leadership University

With over two decades of experience in Business Development & Operations that covers Telecom sector, Retail, Real Estate and Human Resources, he is a visionary with a sustainable growth mindset. He has worked with Disha Construction and Developers, FirstSource, Tech Mahindra and Sapphire Human Solutions at mid and leadership positions.


Zeeshaan Pathan

Group Managing Director and CEO

World Development Corporation

He is a seasoned professional with a Corporate Vision and Purpose in understanding industry needs and recommending appropriate solutions. He has a varied experience cutting across various sectors viz. Construction, Banking, Technology, Education and Human Resource. He had worked in various functions like Operations, Business Development, Management Consulting and Executive Search of these industries.


Ayub Sheikh

​Managing Director and COO

FinTech | World Development Corporation

A laser-sharp focused professional with tremendous experience in the Banking and Finance industry in leading various Products, Client Servicing, Financial Analytics, and building FinTech products. Ayub comes with a vision of creating a world that works on various trustless systems through cutting-edge Blockchain to revolutionize the transaction ecosystem building more trust in the Global Financial Market. He worked at leadership positions with renowned banks like ICICI Bank Limited and Yes Bank Limited

Advisory Board Members / Speakers

Directors' Institute - World Council of Directors seeks highly motivated purpose-driven Advisory Board Members and speakers to advise and direct its numerous initiatives.

Our Advisory Board


Amanda Rosewarne

CEO & Co Founder at

The Professional Development Consortium

Sundharesan Jayamoorthi.webp

Sundharesan Jayamoorthi

Board Mentor & Coach to the Board Members.

Mike Singh.webp

Mike Singh

Chairman & CEO

Telkom Caribe Group

United States of America

Laura-Katrin Seitz.webp

Laura-Katrin Seitz

Advisory Board Member for NewCos in Biotech, and Board member for NPOs.

Kate Cooper - Fay.webp

Kate Cooper - Fay

Group CEO

CXY Group of Companies

Board Advisor

Non Executive Director

Sterling Ferriera.webp

Sterling Ferriera

Ex-National Head

Network 18

John Poulose.webp

John Poulose

Harvard Alumnus, Business Strategist, Experienced Leader

Monica Watt.webp

Monica Watt


Elmo Software


Shaun Palmer.webp

Shaun Palmer

Chairman & Independent Director Physio Inq,

Tribune Partners , Australia.

Dr. Kyla L. Tennin.webp

Dr. Kyla L. Tennin

Board Director, Inventor, Investor,  Expert, Speaker, Author


Suresh Mansharamani 

Business coach-OKR coach, successful entrepreneur, and investor

Our Speakers

Bhavana Bindra.webp

Bhavana Bindra

Managing Director, Board Member, Writer, Speaker, Diversity Sponsor

Shailesh Haribhakti.webp

Shailesh Haribhakti

Board Chairman and Independent Director and a visionary in Exponential Tech (ExTech), ESG and Integrated Reporting (IR)

Revathy Ashok.webp

Revathy Ashok

Independent Director, Board Member, Angel Investor, Startup Mentor, Co-Founder Strategy Garage , Women entrepreneurship Evangelist

DP Kothari.webp

Dr. D.P. Kothari

Director Research Wainganga College of Engg & Management, Nagpur

Priyanka Gulati.webp

Priyanka Gulati

Partner Grant Thornton Human Capital Consulting, Board Independent Director, Angel Investor, Chartered Accountant

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-21 at 1_56_edited.webp

Priyadarshini Lakshminarayanan

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist, Independent Board Director, Business Leader, Banker

Anita Ganti.webp

Anita Ganti

Independent Director, Technology Executive, Advisor, Investor

dr ritu anand.jpg

Dr. Ritu Anand

Independent Director, 
LinkedIn Top Voice, Board Member

Directors' Institute - A World Development Corporation Initiative - is a premium online board level training and networking platform with a mission to shoulder the responsibility of corporations, as well as the environment and society, by constructing responsible boards and companies. Our mission of Board Effectiveness & Training is to contribute to the global economy by purifying the Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance sector through the development of responsible corporations. To contribute to the world's development by assisting various organisations in training our directors on Board Effectiveness and aspiring directors/professionals in gaining access to boards, and to the world's corporate governance space by providing Certified Executive, Non- Executive, and Independent Directors for the boards of Listed/Unlisted Companies.

With a clientele of over 1000 aspiring directors, the Directors' institute is genuinely transforming the boardroom's fundamental practices.

Independent Directors Program

Purpose of Directors’ Institute.

Create a pool of potential Independent Directors ready to serve the boards on directorial level.

Delivering online courses on corporate governance, regulatory framework, and financial prudence can help build individual capacities.

Clients need a place to go to learn new information, practise what they've learned, get feedback on how they're doing, and implement effective strategies. The Directors' Institute provide that platform to them. 

Make a network of experts who are actively looking for work and companies who are actively recruiting Independent Directors.

Featured Program -IDP

Independent Directors can be chosen from a pool of qualified individuals with a distinguishable DIN.

Courses taught online and managed via a centralised platform, called Learning Management System, or LMS Training for the Board, Covering Both Fundamentals and Advanced Topics.

Instruction on Global Best Practises and the Implementation of Board Concepts. Professionally oriented newsletters and informational resources.

Distributing director candidate profiles to companies so they can find qualified, experienced outside directors.

Objectives of Directors' Institute - IDP

Generate a database of Independent Directors through the certification of professionals aspiring to be Independent Directors.

Individual capacities can be built by delivering informative courses on corporate governance, regulatory framework, financial prudence, and other important topics.​

Create an eco-system of individuals seeking opportunities and corporations looking for Independent Directors.

IDP Program Features

Appointment of professionals with a distinguishable DIN to serve as Independent Directors

Courses for Concept Implementation and International Best Practices.

Online courses delivered via a Learning Management System (LMS):

Newsletters and knowledge resources for professional development.

Courses for the Board Basics and Advanced Concepts

Profile sharing for corporate access to assist them in appointing well-trained and knowledgeable Independent Directors.

More About Us

The Directors' Institute is a frontrunner in the competitive field of modern online education related to Corporate Governance and ESG. Users from every corner of the globe will have unprecedented access to the learning modules of the highest possible quality, that we are so committed to bring forward. Our collection of lessons contains a variety of different options that can assist viewers in acquiring new knowledge, improving their existing skills, or even learning something entirely new.

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