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Advanced Certification in ESG & BRSR 
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Propel Your Career to Success, Learn Directly From The Best

28 Mar 2024 (Friday) 
10:00 AM to 11:30 AM

What If You Are Not Certified with ESG & BRSR..?

Here's Everything We'll Cover In This Webinar, When You Sign up Today for Free

Financial Penalties: 25% of Non-Compliant Companies Faced Penalties of Over ₹10 lakh.

Reputational Damage: The Average Cost of a Reputational crisis is $7 million.

Missed Investments: 82% of Investors Consider ESG Factors, Excluding You From Their Capital Pool.

ESG: Unlock Capital and Attract Investors
ESG: BRSR Mitigate Risks, Reduce Costs, Boost Profits.

Certification recognized by 40+ countries.

Who is ideally suited for this role?

Global Opportunities on Boards - Listed, Unlisted, NFP, Startups.

ESG: Gain a Competitive Edge and Grow Your Market Share. 

Damaged Reputation: 75% of Consumers Pay More for Brands with Strong ESG Credentials, Leaving You Behind.

Key Highlights Of  Webinar

Why Attend This Workshop...?

Any professional who wants to be globally recognised must attend this webinar.

Become an ESG champion by mastering ESG principles and strategies that make a positive impact on businesses and society.

World-Class Certification: Attain a certification recognized in over 40 countries.

Shape the future of business by integrating ESG principles into corporate strategies.

 Get practical tips on how to avoid common mistakes.

 And many more surprise benefits for live attendees.


Awarded By Top Organizations & Institutions

World MSME Day Award
Ministry of MSME & WASME
Jagran Prakashan Limited
The Economic Times
Leadership award
International Business Pride Awards 2023
Amrit Kaal
global award
Global award certificate
Business award

Experience By Our Esteemed Participants

Seema Bangia
Rup Kumar Sarma
Pravin Dixit
aditya mathur
Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
Amudha Iyengar
Aparnaa Raje
Abhilekh Mathur
Rahul Deshmukh
Rishi Nandwana
Raghu Srinivasan
Shiju Verghese
vimal chordia
Srinivas Yeluripaty
Viplava Mishra
Ramakanth Bhagavath

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Exclusive benefits for attendees

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