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Heval Mehta - Managing Director - Directors' Institute

Join our Esteemed "Global Community of Board Directors" on LinkedIn. This is a closed group of Existing and Aspiring Directors meant for only the serious participants aspiring to be a part of this Esteemed Group. Our team will review your profile post which your request to be the part of the Community of Directors shall be approved. Please note that this access is to the entry group community. Once you enroll for any program, which includes a Premium Community Benefit, you will get the access to Premium Community and its benefits. (Note: The approval is subject to DI's review)  For joining click on the Button Above. Come back to Step 2 below after you request to join. 

We also recommend you to join a new initiative taken by Global Association for ESG, a Not For Profit organization working towards bringing a synergy between Governments, Corporates, NGOs and Social Groups to work towards a better tomorro with ESG aspects into consideration. We highly recommend you to keep connected with the group for latest ESG developments. After you send your request to join the Global Community for ESG, please come back to finish Step 3 Below.

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