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Microsoft's new wind and solar deals will contribute nearly 30 percent to Ireland's renewable energy

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Microsoft announced a series of new renewable energy contracts in Ireland totaling more than 900MW of onshore wind and solar electricity.

According to the corporation, in addition to assisting Microsoft in meeting its sustainability goals, the large-scale transactions will contribute approximately 30 percent to Ireland's objective of fulfilling 15 percent of its electricity demand with renewable energy corporate power purchase agreements (CPAs) by 2030.

Leo Varadkar, Ireland's Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade, and Employment, said in a joint statement with Microsoft:

“This announcement by Microsoft is very welcome news and will help ensure that the company's data centers play a more positive role in bringing new green power to the electricity grid and driving Ireland's transition to renewable energy."

According to the company, its multi-year CPPAs with partners Statkfraft, Energia Group, and Power Capital Renewable Energy will bolster efforts to add renewable energy capacity to Ireland's electricity grid.

Microsoft's new contracts include multi-year CPPAs with Statkraft, Energia Group, and Power Capital Renewable Energy to construct onshore wind and solar energy projects in Ireland.

Microsoft unveiled a series of new targets to increase the company's use of clean energy last year, including the company's "100/100/0" vision to match 100% of its electricity consumption, 100% of the time, with purchases from zero-carbon energy sources, in addition to the company's prior commitment to using 100% renewable energy in its buildings and datacenters globally by 2025.

Microsoft said that its plans show that it will get all of the electricity its data center needs from renewable sources by 2025.

Microsoft's Vice President of Cloud Operations and Innovation, Noelle Walsh, stated

"We are happy to partner with premier energy suppliers to bring this additional renewable energy online and assist industry, government, and the broader energy sector in achieving their climate action goals.

"This announcement builds on our efforts to make our data centres more sustainable and to foster new innovations to support the growth of renewable energy on Ireland's energy grid,"



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