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Roche Commits to Climate Objectives Based on Science

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Roche, a Swiss pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm, announced an expansion of its climate targets, committing to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and the Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI) to reach net zero emissions across its entire value chain.

SBTi is one of the foremost organizations dedicated to linking corporate environmental sustainability activity with the global objectives of addressing and preventing climate change. The organization introduced its Net Zero Standard last year, establishing tough standards to evaluate and certify company promises to achieve net zero emissions. SBTi recently revised its criteria for approved climate targets, declaring that it will only accept targets linked with its 1.5°C warming goal, as essential to avoid the most severe climate change impacts.

According to Roche, their commitment to the SBTi will expand the company's emissions reduction approach to include Scope 3 emissions or those that occur in its upstream and downstream value chain.

The SMI is a collaboration of governmental and commercial sector leaders committed to integrating economic value with social and environmental sustainability. It was founded in 2020 by King Charles III (then Prince of Wales).

Roche claimed that it has also joined the SMI Health Systems Taskforce in order to manage emissions throughout supply chains, patient care routes, and clinical trials. The task force intends to expedite the delivery of net-zero, patient-centric healthcare systems that improve individual, social, and global health.

Chief Executive Officer Severin Schwan stated:

"Sustainability is ingrained in Roche's DNA; we have set clear goals and are working diligently to cut our emissions year after year, percent by percent. However, a bigger effort is required to combat the climate issue. And our actions will eventually determine our future. For this reason, sector-level initiatives such as this one are essential for finding and implementing large-scale concrete answers."

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