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Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Prepare to transform your professional expertise into impactful business leadership and advanced research skills. Our DBA program is designed for executives aiming to drive strategic change in their organizations or embark on an academic career.



Core Courses:

  • Advanced Strategic Management

  • Corporate Finance and Investment Decisions

  • Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices


Electives (Choose two):

  • International Business Dynamics

  • Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation

  • Data Analytics for Strategic Decision-Making



  • Structured support through mentorship

  • Emphasis on practical application in a global business environment

Pre-Requisites to Enter the Esteemed Doctorate Program:

  • Prerequisites: Master’s degree in business or a closely related field.

  • Professional Experience: Minimum of five years at managerial or senior professional level.


  • Transcripts

  • Resume

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Two recommendation letters

Our Achievements


Independent Directors Created


Number #1 Corporate Governance Training Institute in India, Awarded by GOI and WASME


Exam Clearance Rate


Well Designed 200+ Hours Courses as Per Industry Requirement

The only Institute in India creating Global Directors through CPD-accredited Programs recognized in 50+ Countries



Years Experienced Faculties

Program Highlights

How Directors' Institute can help you get decision makers role

Directors' Institute offers specialised programs to empower Board Members with enhanced decision-making skills, data and analytics, and digital technologies.

Programs like IDP, ESG, DDP and other dual courses are a perfect blend of traditional governance and digital leadership.

Emphasises strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Real-world applications through case studies, simulations, and hands-on exercises.

Networking opportunities with Industry Experts and Seasoned Directors.

Engagements with luminaries through guest lectures & workshops offering insights into successful decision-making.

Completion of programs enhances professional credibility, setting you apart as a Qualified and Competent Leader.

Access to wealth of resources (research papers, thought leadership articles) keeps you updated on industry trends.

 Is backed by Government and Non-Government bodies for its contributions to economic development.



Duration: Typically 3 years 


Key Features

  • Focus on practical and theoretical aspects of business leadership.

  • Research-driven curriculum tailored for executives.

  • Opportunities to publish and attend international business conferences.



Blended learning with online components and residential sessions

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This is an only-by-invite closed community of Global Board Directors and aspiring board directors to network, find opportunities, share opportunities and share the Global Best Board Practices to contribute to the Corporate Governance Space, ESG and economies .

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