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Elevate Your Leadership with the Global CEO Program! 🚀

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Ready to ascend to the CEO role? 

This elite program is designed for senior leaders aiming to navigate the complexities of global business. Gain critical knowledge, practical skills, and an invaluable network to lead your organization to new heights

  • Unlock Leadership Potential: Blend of theoretical insights and practical applications.

  • Master Global Challenges: Tackle international obstacles and seize opportunities.

  • Expand Your Network: Connect with a community of industry leaders and visionaries.

  • Drive Innovation: Lead transformative change and innovation within your organization.

  • Sustainable Success: Prepare for long-term prosperity and impact.

Sujit Singh - Final
Murthy Vakkalanka - new
Sundar Narsimhan (2)
Chandrasekara Saravanun
Mandar Vasudeo Naik
Dr Mritunjay Chaubey (2)
Peter Immanuel
Anu Ravi - Final
Gaurav Sharma - Final
Shivaji jadhav - Final
Pramod Deore - Final
Ashfak Shaikh Final
Nivarti Jayaram - Final
Rajiv Agarwal - Final
Gagana Sahoo - Final
Joydeep Nandy - Final
Amit Kapoor - Final
Prashant Pimpalkhute - final

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