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Dow Introduces Circular and Renewable Solutions Platform to Support New 3 Million Ton/Year Objective

Dow Inc., a global leader in the chemical and materials science industries, has set a new aim to commercialize 3 million metric tonnes of circular and renewable solutions annually by 2030, dramatically increasing one of its most important sustainability objectives.

To achieve its new objectives, the company announced the development of a new business platform, Circular & Renewable Solutions, which is integrated with its Packaging & Specialty Plastics sector.

Daniella Souza Miranda, who has been designated Global Business Director For Circular & Renewable Solutions, is in charge of the new platform. Miranda has spent nearly twenty-five years with Dow, most recently as the Global Director of Marketing and Digital.

Dow's chief sustainability officer and vice president of Environment, Health & Safety, André Argenton, stated:

"Our increased sustainability objective represents our determination to raise the bar for ourselves and the larger industrial ecosystem by using our materials science knowledge, commitment to circular innovation, and constructive engagement with our partners."

Dow announced a series of sustainability goals in 2020 aimed at lowering greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste, and moving toward a circular economy, including a "Stop the Waste" goal to collect, reuse, or recycle 1 million tonnes of plastic by 2030.

The modified 2030 objective, titled "Transform the Waste," aims for the corporation to transform plastic waste and other types of alternative feedstock into 3 million tonnes per year of circular and renewable solutions.

The president of Down Packaging and Specialty Plastics, Diego Donoso, stated:

"The announcement made today underlines our strong commitment to increasing our use of recycled and renewable feedstocks. The establishment of the Circular & Renewable Solutions business platform will expedite our capacity to fulfil these increased obligations and expand our circular plastics business model."

Dow announced a series of initiatives and partnerships in July targeted at advancing the company's circularity capabilities and considerably expanding its plastic recycling capacity. These included a partnership with advanced recycling solutions provider Mura Technology to construct multiple large-scale recycling facilities in the United States and Europe, adding up to 600,000 tonnes of plastic recycling capacity by 2030, making it Dow's largest commitment to advanced recycling to date.

Jim Fitterling, chairman and CEO of Dow, declared:

"Through investments in essential technologies, infrastructure, and strategic partnerships, we are broadening our Stop the Waste objective to reflect the change of Dow's plastic franchise and leadership to enable a circular economy. We will boost the value of waste and foster the growth of a new industrial ecosystem, enabling Dow to scale its capacity to generate circular and low-carbon emission solutions.


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