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EY and Thomson Reuters Launch Tracking Tools for Supply Chain Risk and Regulation

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

EY US and Thomson Reuters, a business information services provider, announced the launch of new ESG tools as part of an expanded cooperation focused on offering solutions addressing corporate and government requirements for supply chain transparency and policy tracking.

According to the companies, the alliance "leverages each organization's capabilities, proprietary tools, and market insights" to assist business and government clients in analyzing and mitigating hidden risks and extracting greater value from supply chains.

Andy Baldwin, global managing partner for client service at EY, stated:

"The ESG landscape is complex nowadays. Our partnership with Thomson Reuters strengthens the trust and commitment between our two organizations and addresses the ESG risk possibilities that are important to our client's growth goals. The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) tools we have developed will assist in addressing crucial business needs in the supply chain and regulatory space.

"The ESG "Green" Tax Framework" is a research, analytics, and data offering covering international tax laws, regulatory information, policy developments, and industry insights for ESG tax obligations, credits, incentive scenario planning, and future policy considerations.

Through the agreement, the companies stated that they would continue to develop more ESG tools in the future.

President of Government Business at Thomson Reuters, Steve Rubley, stated:

"By providing professionals with knowledge and insight, we can assist them in navigating the increasingly complicated global world of today and empower them to use data for good in addressing societal problems such as forced labor in supply chains.

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