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From Project Guru to Boardroom Leader: Sunit Mittal's Journey to Independent Director

Do you have a proven track record of success in complex projects and a desire to make a broader impact? Look no further than Sunit Mittal's story. With over 30 years of experience leading billion-dollar megaprojects across diverse industries, Sunit's journey to becoming an Independent Director is an inspiration for seasoned professionals seeking to leverage their expertise at the board level.

A Mastermind of Project Execution:

Sunit's impressive background includes a Mechanical Engineering Diploma and Bachelor's degree, solidifying his technical foundation. He further honed his skills through prestigious programs at IIM Bangalore and Harvard Business School, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning and leadership development.

Beyond Engineering: A Strategic Visionary:

Sunit's expertise extends beyond technical prowess. His skills in strategic market positioning, sales & business development, and contract & commercial acumen paint a picture of a well-rounded leader who understands the intricacies of business success.

A Global Citizen with a Local Touch:

Sunit's extensive global experience working across continents adds another dimension to his value proposition. His cross-cultural understanding allows him to navigate diverse perspectives and contribute effectively in any boardroom setting.

Inspired to Leverage Your Expertise for Boardroom Impact?

Like Sunit, you can develop the essential skills and knowledge necessary to excel as boardroom leader.

The Directors' Institute's International Corporate Director Program & Doctorate in Corporate Governance equip aspiring leaders with the tools and network to thrive in this critical role.

Turn your expertise into boardroom influence. Learn more about our International Corporate Director program & Doctorate in Corporate Governance. Unlock your leadership potential at our upcoming webinar.

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