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From IT Trailblazer to Boardroom Strategist: Sendilvel Kumaravel's Path to Independent Director

Sendilvel Kumaravel’s journey

Are you passionate about leveraging technology for business excellence and interested in steering corporate strategy? Sendilvel Kumaravel’s journey from an IT expert to a Certified Independent Director exemplifies the powerful transition from operational roles to boardroom leadership.

Mastering IT and Project Management:

Sendilvel's credentials are extensive – spanning over three decades in roles that underscore his commitment to technological and managerial mastery. He began his career mastering audit skills and company affairs filings, laying a solid foundation in business processes.

Excelling Beyond the Technical Realm:

Not confined to just technical prowess, Sendilvel distinguished himself in project leadership and strategic implementations. His roles at Data Software and Research Company Private Limited and Perot Systems India Private Limited highlighted his ability to manage large-scale ERP implementations and optimize corporate financial systems, earning him multiple accolades for his performance.

Charting a Course to Boardroom Leadership:

The transformation from a tech expert to a boardroom leader was marked by Sendilvel's decision to become a Certified Independent Director after a brief retirement. His extensive experience in project management, ERP implementation, and Six Sigma make him an invaluable asset to any corporate board, bringing a blend of technical insight and strategic foresight.

Ready to Transform Your Technical Expertise into Boardroom Success?

Like Sendilvel, you can harness your extensive industry experience to make impactful decisions at the highest level of corporate governance.

The Directors' Institute's International Corporate Director Program is designed to equip seasoned professionals like you with the critical skills and insights needed for effective boardroom leadership.

Transform your technical mastery into strategic boardroom influence. Discover more about our International Corporate Director Program and step into your role as a leader in the boardroom at our upcoming webinar.

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