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Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship

Unlock unparalleled leadership excellence and step into the global business arena with confidence. The Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship program is your gateway to becoming a visionary leader, equipped with the knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of international corporate governance.


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Independent Directors Created


Corporate Governance Training Institute in India,
Awarded by GOI and WASME

Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship

A Transformative Journey Towards Excellence:

Our Doctorate program is crafted to deliver a profound learning experience that transcends traditional education. It aims to nurture and enhance your research skills, offering a fresh perspective on business dilemmas. The primary mission is to equip you with the ability to implement cutting-edge research methodologies, paving the way for solutions that enhance organizational effectiveness, stimulate growth, and champion long-term sustainability.

Why Doctorate In International Corporate Directorship


Transformative Journey Towards Excellence

Our Doctorate program offers a profound learning experience different from conventional, designed to significantly enhance your research skills and provide new insights into business challenges. It focuses on equipping you with advanced research methodologies to improve organisational effectiveness, stimulate growth, and promote long-term sustainability

Learning Objectives

Transform your career with our Doctorate in International Corporate Directorship, which arms you with the critical skills to succeed in global business. Here are the key competencies and achievements you will unlock upon successful completion of the program


Research Methodology Application: Gain expertise in utilizing advanced research methodologies to dissect and address complex business scenarios, enhancing your capacity to navigate and resolve pressing challenges with precision and insight.


Comprehensive Research Skills: Develop the ability to conduct thorough primary and secondary research, enabling a deep understanding of intricate business dilemmas, laying the groundwork for innovative solutions and strategic advancements.


International Business & Board  Acumen: Achieve a nuanced grasp of global business principles and practices, equipping you to anticipate and project outcomes with accuracy, thereby facilitating strategic decision-making in a global context.


Advanced Business & Board  Communication: Attain mastery in business communication, learning to articulate complex ideas, strategies, plans, and tactics with clarity and impact, ensuring your message is understood and embraced by all stakeholders.


Data Mastery and Reporting: Demonstrate proficiency in the art of data management, from collection and cleansing to interpretation. Excel in crafting compelling reports that leverage data visualization techniques to present findings in an engaging and insightful manner.


Academic and Professional Scholarship: Engage actively in academic and professional research & development  endeavors, contributing to the body of knowledge in your field with the potential to publish your findings in esteemed peer-reviewed journals.


Thesis Excellence: Showcase high-level expertise in applying rigorous research methodologies, study design, and execution, culminating in the production of a thesis that meets the esteemed criteria for the awarding of the doctorate qualification.

Pre-Requisites to Enter the Esteemed Doctorate Program:

1. Education Requirements

  • Masters of Business Administration/ EQF Level 7 degree & 10 + Years of Management or Executive Experience

  • Bachelor's Degree & 13+ Years of Management or Executive Experience

  • Demonstrated Leadership Experience 

  • Drive to Become an Expert and Thought Leader in a Business Field. 

3. Transfer of Progress from Other Programmes

Students who are transferring from another accredited doctoral programme may be eligible to complete the degree in a shorter time frame. This arrangement will be detailed as part of any offer of admission.

2. Language Requirements

  • Participants must have English or Spanish at a C1 level or higher.

  • Evidence of this competency that will be accepted includes: Having completed an EQF 6 or EQF 7 level degree in the appropriate language,

  • English language competency scores on IELTS as such: Overall - 6.5 (Writing: 6; Reading: 6; Listening: 6; Speaking:6)

  • For Spanish: C1 or higher score on the DELE Exam

Our Achievements


Independent Directors Created


Number #1 Corporate Governance Training Institute in India, Awarded by GOI and WASME


Exam Clearance Rate


Well Designed 200+ Hours Courses as Per Industry Requirement

The only Institute in India creating Global Directors through CPD-accredited Programs recognized in 50+ Countries



Years Experienced Faculties

Industry Magnates - Personal Branding Initiative

Directors' Institute Youtube Channel

How Directors' Institute can help you get decision makers role

Directors' Institute offers specialised programs to empower Board Members with enhanced decision-making skills, data and analytics, and digital technologies.

Programs like IDP, ESG, DDP and other dual courses are a perfect blend of traditional governance and digital leadership.

Emphasises strategic thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Real-world applications through case studies, simulations, and hands-on exercises.

Networking opportunities with Industry Experts and Seasoned Directors.

Engagements with luminaries through guest lectures & workshops offering insights into successful decision-making.

Completion of programs enhances professional credibility, setting you apart as a Qualified and Competent Leader.

Access to wealth of resources (research papers, thought leadership articles) keeps you updated on industry trends.

 Is backed by Government and Non-Government bodies for its contributions to economic development.

Program Highlights


Internationally Recognized Doctoral Degree:

Achieve the zenith of educational qualifications with a Doctorate in Business Management, a distinction not readily available in certain regions, including India. This globally recognized credential, conferred in collaboration with Woolf University, not only enhances your professional standing but also entitles you to adorn the prestigious "Dr." prefix.


Personalized Thesis Mentorship:

Our 1:1 Thesis Mentorship program pairs you with seasoned mentors dedicated to guiding your academic journey. From navigating course materials and assignments to embarking on a significant research venture, your mentor will be your beacon, ensuring a strong and supportive learning experience.


Elite Alumni Status:

Upon completion, you will be celebrated as an alumnus of one of the most esteemed institutions in corporate governance, enjoying the same prestigious alumni status as Rushford’s on-campus graduates. This affiliation opens a gateway to unmatched networking opportunities and association with Industry Leaders.


Interactive Live Sessions with Industry Titans:

Supplement your self-paced study with live, interactive sessions led by luminaries in the business world. These guest lectures and workshops, scheduled for optimal convenience, provide a dynamic learning environment, enriching your educational journey with real-world insights and experiences.


Strategic Leadership Development

Participants gain access to cutting-edge insights, frameworks, and methodologies for strategic decision-making and visionary leadership. Through experiential learning and interactive workshops, they hone their ability to navigate complexity, drive change, and inspire high-performing teams.


Network Expansion and Peer Learning

Participants join a vibrant community of executives and business leaders from diverse industries and geographies. Through collaborative projects, networking events, and peer-to-peer learning opportunities, they build meaningful connections, gain valuable insights, and expand their professional networks.


Enhanced Business Acumen and Strategic Thinking

Through rigorous coursework and case studies, participants deepen their business acumen and sharpen their strategic thinking skills. They learn to identify market opportunities, assess risks, and formulate robust strategies that drive sustainable growth and long-term value creation.


Access to Leading Faculty and Industry Experts

Participants learn from renowned faculty members and industry experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the program. They benefit from personalized coaching, mentorship, and guidance, enabling them to apply their learning to real-world challenges and opportunities.


Global Perspective and Cross-Cultural Competence

The GCP immerses participants in a diverse and dynamic learning environment, providing exposure to global market trends, geopolitical dynamics, and cross-cultural management practices. This fosters a deeper understanding of international business operations and enhances their ability to lead effectively across borders and cultures.


Innovation and Digital Transformation

The program equips participants with the knowledge and tools to drive innovation and harness the power of digital technologies. From exploring emerging trends to implementing disruptive strategies, they learn to leverage innovation as a catalyst for growth and competitive advantage in today's digital age.


Personal and Professional Growth

The GCP offers a transformative learning experience that fosters personal and professional growth. Participants gain confidence in their leadership abilities, expand their horizons, and develop a broader perspective on their roles as leaders in the global business community.


Recognition and Prestige

Completion of the GCP signifies a commitment to excellence in leadership and professional development. Graduates emerge with a prestigious credential that enhances their reputation and opens doors to new career opportunities and leadership roles.

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This is an only-by-invite closed community of Global Board Directors and aspiring board directors to network, find opportunities, share opportunities and share the Global Best Board Practices to contribute to the Corporate Governance Space, ESG and economies .

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