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Mrs. Reena Ashok Appointed as Woman Independent Director

Updated: Jun 7

Highest Qualification: B. Arch.

Appointed as:  Woman Independent Director 

From Architect to Boardroom Leader: Reena Ashok's Rise as a Woman Independent Director

Looking to break into the boardroom and make a real impact? Take inspiration from Reena Ashok, a former architect who transformed her career path and secured a coveted position as a Woman Independent Director.

More Than Bricks and Mortar:

Reena's journey proves that success in the boardroom isn't limited to traditional backgrounds. Though her foundation lies in architecture (B. Arch.), her strategic thinking and business acumen propelled her forward.

A Mastermind Behind Mergers and Growth:

Over 20 years in Investment Banking, Business Development, and Strategic Alliances honed Reena's skills in propelling business growth. She's a master at navigating mergers, fostering strong connections with key stakeholders, and leveraging her expertise in Private Equity and Venture Capital to drive success.

Building a Network for Success:

Reena's influence extends beyond financials. Her extensive network across Delhi, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Haryana allows her to contribute valuable insights to project execution and decision-making. Particularly knowledgeable in Delhi's real estate development, Reena's strategic mind is an asset to any board.

Ready to Chart Your Own Boardroom Journey?

Inspired by Reena's story? Like her, you can develop the essential skills and knowledge for independent directorship.

The Directors' Institute's International Corporate Director Program can equip you with the tools to excel in this critical role.

Empower yourself to become a boardroom leader. Learn more about our International Corporate Director program and unlock your leadership potential at our upcoming webinar.

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