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Energy Impact Partners Raises $485 Million for Climate Technology Investment Fund

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Today, global venture capital firm Energy Impact Partners (EIP) announced the conclusion of its climate technology-focused EIP Deep Decarbonization Frontier Fund, exceeding its initial $350 million goal by a significant margin.

The fund, which was launched earlier this year, focuses on early-stage. These revolutionary technologies aim to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions and have enormous financial potential, emphasizing companies that have obtained early technical validation but have not yet reached full maturity on a large scale.

Shayle Kann, Partner of EIP, said:

The goal is both straightforward and daunting: the world must reduce its annual CO2e emissions from 50 gigatonnes to zero by mid-century, if not sooner. Our Frontier Fund is committed to assisting entrepreneurs who will lay the groundwork for this revolution and the trillions of dollars of an opportunity it represents."

At the launch, EIP stated that the fund is based on the fundamental tenets that an unprecedented wave of innovation is coming to solve the most difficult problems in deep carbonization and that the demand for zero-carbon energy, products, and goods will accelerate market adoption of these new technologies and drive commercial outcomes for the winners.

The fund has invested in twelve firms so far, including the energy storage company Form Energy, the zero-emissions nitrogen fertilizer company Nitricity, the carbon capture provider Carbon America, and the zero-carbon cement company Sublime Systems.

Partner at EIP Ashwin Shashindranath said:

"We are examining the earliest phases for answers to climate concerns and developing actual routes to commercial success, thereby assisting with the final mile of profound decarbonization."

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